'Work It Out' Weighted Jump Rope

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Wake N Bake's 'Work It Out' Weighted Jump Rope with Memory Foam

 HandlesFeatures at a Glance:
 Full body workout
 Memory foam handles
 Smooth jumping
 Portable and compact
 Suitable for all levels
 Useful for a variety of exercises

FULL BODY WORKOUT: Get in shape with weighted jump rope! Jumping rope targets balance, agility, coordination, endurance, and speed. It's an exceptional cardio workout that has been valued by athletes, CrossFitters, weightlifters, boxers, and anyone who wants to burn fat, increase endurance, and take their fitness to the next level. This jump rope will be your go-to fitness accessory whenever and wherever you want to exercise.MEMORY FOAM HANDLES: The design of this weighted jump rope features comfortable memory foam handles that form to your grip and decrease any strain on your hands and wrists. Constructed of high-quality aluminum, they are durable yet amazingly lightweight. This allows you to get in an excellent workout without any distress on your limbs and joints.SMOOTH JUMPING: This weighted jump rope provides a smooth rotation, no matter how fast you jump. It's made with materials that weight it perfectly and is designed for your ease of use to control rope cycles at the most even speed, which also prevents any rope tangles.DURABLE: Our jump rope is constructed to withstand daily use during your most intense workouts. Its durable composition safeguards you from any snapping or breaking, so you can work out with it for years and never replace it.ALL LEVELS: Regardless of your fitness level, you'll be able to get your cardio in easily with our weighted jump rope! Appropriate for men and women of all shapes and sizes, this jump rope is perfect for many different workouts, including boxing, CrossFit, and low-impact exercise programs.


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