Tie-Dye Gold Makeup!

As I start my week off new with a new workout plan and diet.

I'm also trying to brighten my spirits and try harder makeup looks.

I used mermaid scales cosmetics, my tubes cosmetics, makeup maniacs, makeup a murder neons, and Maybelline products.

Alot of my makeup attempts are a first ever, for tie-dye I was shocked the neons blended well here's a video of the look I tried but first.... 💙💙💙

Check out fb: Jewel AnneA ecreationrcreation of my look with a blue twist.

A talented artist I inspired one day, it was a proud girley moment for me for sure. 🤘✨

What amazing makeup- tie-dye blue!

Now- like I promised here's the gold tie-dye makeup video:

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